Decent Site of the Week: Douchebag

This week’s decent site of the week is called If you’re familiar with the site “Hot or Not,” it’s pretty much the same deal. You get a picture of a douchebag and rate how big of a douchebag the bastard is. Seems like most of the people featured on the site are douchebags — and calling them out makes you feel pretty decent!

And while we’re on the subject of douchebags, Tubesteak is currently working on a project for school (and hopefully The Community) called the Douchebag Museum. It’s gonna be bad to the bone, and I’d love to hear suggestions from Community members regarding who and what belong in that museum. Leave a comment below!


2 Responses

  1. Spencer Pratt, Dane Cook, Kanye West, Ryan Seacrest, Alec Baldwin, the 90210 cast, Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai Dojo, Sensai John Kreese, Bill O’Reilly, Alex Rodriguez, Tom Cruise, Biff Tannen, Rush Limbaugh, Simon Cowell, Nick Cannon, Shaquille O’Neal, Lebron James, Bono, Wayne Arnold from the Wonder Years, Nick Cage, Vince Vaughn, Steve Stifler, Roger Clemens, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Duke basketball players, P Diddy, Jimmy Fallon, Perez Hilton, Bernie Madoff, O’Bannion from Dazed and Confused, Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter, Shooter McGavin, The O’Doyle family from Billy Madison.

    I like douchebags and these guys are at the top of my list. Didn’t get into chick douchebags. I’ll check back to see if you guys come up with anything good.

  2. Another awesome site that labels douche bags is:

    Check it out its funny

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