F**K You, Buffalo, Twice Over

What’s the best way to celebrate your football team winning on Sunday? Flip off those losers, of course!

That’s exactly what Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams did yesterday in his team’s victory over visiting Buffalo. Jim Wyatt, a columnist at the Nashville Tennessean, caught Adams in the act for a SECOND TIME. The video above was taken in the fourth quarter, minutes before Adams went down to the field to flip them off again.

“The 86-year-old owner made an appearance on the sideline in the closing minutes, and even did a little dance as the Titans capped a 41–17 victory. Then he turned toward the Buffalo sideline and gave the Bills the middle finger. Make that two middle fingers — Adams was using both hands,” he wrote in Monday’s edition.

I wonder if the NFL will fine him? That would run Ochocinco about $20,000. Apparently, middle fingers were flying around a lot on Sunday. I popped a few in the closing minutes of that disaster in Indy last night, which is still painful to talk about (sorry to bring it up and ruin your day, Pats fans).


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