Thursday Ramblings

What’s the best way to dispose of a rotting whale carcass? Well according to the Oregon Highway Division, it’s with a half-ton of dynamite. Our tale begins 39 years ago when a dead sperm whale surfaced on an Oregon beach. Officials from various state agencies put their heads together, with a little help from the U.S. Navy, and decided that rather than bury it, they would blow it to pieces. The result was whale blubber being shot hundreds of feet in every direction and even damaging parked cars in a nearby parking lot. The smell lingered for days and that incident is now seen as one of the greatest examples of “be careful what you blow up.” The video footage became famous years later when the Internet got going. … Speaking of the Internet, Computer viruses have adapted from minor inconvenience to stolen credit card numbers to getting you thrown in jail. Take in point the new virus that automatically downloads child porn to your computer and then calls the FBI on you. I’m not joking. … There’s getting buzzed, getting wasted, blacking out, then there’s almost dying. The latter happened to an Iowa college student pledging at one of those D-Bag fraternities. So after shotgunning five beers, this freshman was forced to chug cups of grain alcohol. He ended up with a blood alcohol level of .500, which is more than six times the legal driving limit and apparently in the “lethal” category. Well he survived, but one guy who didn’t is the world record holder who blew a .90, according to Reuters. …  Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Poor guy comes home from vacation to find his house was destroyed to make room for a hotel parking lot; 2) Law students from small community college defeat their peers from Yale, Boston College and Boston University at a recent mock trial competition at Harvard; and 3) Rabbits are now getting penis transplants. … Happy 27th birthday to Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway. Fans of classic starlet Judy Garland will be happy to hear that Hathaway is set to play Garland in a biopic titled “Get Happy” which is planned to hit theaters in 2011. … Happy 32nd birthday to former Playboy centerfold Dalene Kurtis, who in September 2001 became the first Playmate of the Month without pubic hair. She laid the carpet (pun intended) for generations of ladies to embrace the wax and razor. … Finally, happy 41st birthday to baseball player Sammy Sosa. He is the all-time leader in home runs for a player who was born outside the U.S. (608) but i’ll always remember him as the guy who suddenly couldn’t speak English at that congressional hearing on steroids back in 2002. And what’s with the Michael Jackson “I’m going to be white” thing he’s got going on right now?


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