Thursday Ramblings

Two big thumbs up for the Rose Alley Ale House’s Halloween Party last Friday. Two highlights: The two girls dressed as hookers making out with each other (and everyone around them), and the guy dressed like the Jagerbomb Dude walking around saying “I shower in that shit” while double-fisting Heinekens. Got a few minutes? Vote on CollegeHumor’s Halloween Costume contest. What a great display of creativity. I voted thumbs up for the two guys dressed up as Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam arcade machines. Good brainstorming for next year, too. … Could A-Rod sound any gayer than his remarks on the podium after last night’s win? … Those of you who are already sick of it getting dark at 4:30 should move to Arizona, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, the three spots in the U.S. that don’t set the clocks back. Why? Well Puerto Rico’s decision has to do with its latitude and longitude. Hawaii is already in its own time zone anyway and Arizona, well good question. Google doesn’t seem to know either. Guess just another reason why Arizona is a very decent state. … As if being Irish wasn’t awesome enough already, a new study finds that an Irish accent is the world’s sexiest. Past top holder, the weak French accent, fell all the way to fourth, behind Italian and Scottish. The study, which interviewed more than 5,000 chicks, also says that 60 percent of those chicks have banged someone just because of their accent. Decent. Sucks to be an American in this discussion though as the U.S. was just 10th on the list. … This week’s sign of the Apocalypse: Snuggie For Dogs. Yes, those gay Snuggie commercials are now advertising ones made especially for your little Muffy. Here’s the deal, dog-lovers, two Snuggies and two recordable dog tags for $14.95. Ouch. … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Bear mauls two terrorists hiding out in a Middle Eastern cave; 2) You knew this was coming on Halloween — A guy gets a DUI while wearing a breathalyzer costume; and 3) Meet the person being billed as the next Steve Irwin. … Two thumbs way up for Law Abiding Citizen. This week’s not-that-bold prediction: Gerard Butler is headed to superstardom in the next two years. … Happy 68th birthday to folk legend Art Garfunkel. Did you know that the less-successful half of “Simon and Garfunkel” is a bibliophile? Nothing bad, just maybe considered a reading addict. On his Web site, he shares a list of every book he’s read with over 1,000 entries. … Happy 32nd birthday to porn star Brittany Skye. What sets her apart from all the other decent ladies of porn? She ducked under the ropes in the final round of the 2003 U.S. Open, ran onto the putting green topless with “Golden Palace Casino” stenciled on her boobs and gave a flower to Jim Furyk. She spent two nights in jail and was fined for the incident. In true Thursday Ramblings fashion, here’s Skye in action.


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