Thursday Ramblings

The treasure security business got a big wake-up call 45 years ago today. On Oct. 29, 1964, several major gems valued at millions of dollars were stolen from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Dubbed the “jewelry heist of the century,” the thieves were hardly the kind you see planning these major heists in the movies. According to historical records, the alarm system at the museum was not working and the second-story window of the room that housed the precious jewels was always left open for ventilation. When the thieves climbed through the window, they also found that the alarms on the jewelry cases were not working. Now that’s what I call security! The three thieves were caught in a matter of days and all the gems were returned, except for the Eagle Diamond, which was never seen again. One of the thieves became famous, “Murph the Surf,” because aside from robbing museums, he was also a surfing star, circus performer, movie stuntman and a concert violinist. … If I had an iPhone, I would absolutely get the Red Laser app. For those of you who aren’t in the tech loop, it allows you to scan any barcode with your phone, which instantly can price-match, find product reviews or remind you about the product at a later date. It was the No. 1 paid-for application at the Apple App Store last week and is starting to pick up steam. For those of you who do own iPhones, here’s a handy list of the top 10 apps that can save you cash. … Three links for your reading enjoyment this Thursday: 1) Correctional officers training to be K-9 handlers arrested for bestiality. “If you masturbate your K-9 unit, you’ll have greater control over it;” 2) California police beg people flocking to the Phish festival this weekend to not puff cheeba; and 3) Students of magic class geared to help guys score women rave about the results. … Three names being thrown around by baseball insiders as to top Red Sox targets this offseason: Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. Hot-stove talk is mostly rumors so the odds of one of these three making it to Fenway are slim (although Fielder makes more sense if you consider the Brewers not wanting to shell out a huge, long-term deal for the stud hitter), but one thing that is ure is taht the Sox will not go another offseason without making a big move. They sat and watched New York make three big moves and are now watching New York in the World Series. … The Brett Favre talk will reach an all-time high this weekend when the Vikings travel to Lambeau Field to battle the Packers. We won’t get into that, but we will get into ticket prices. Currently, $50 tix are selling for around $300 and people are scrambling to find them for the big contest. Police are even warning about several scams including counterfeit tickets for the game. … Today would have been Decent artist Bob Ross’ 67th birthday if he hadn’t died of cancer in 1995. Did you know that Ross, famous for making those beautiful, quick paintings on PBS for many years, taught himself to paint to fast while he was in the Air Force and had very short breaks during the day and needed to paint to make extra money? … Triva: Which two former Denver Broncos running backs who share today as a birthday are both currently in prison? That would be former Ohio State star Mauirice Clarett (26) and Travis Henry (31). Clarett has his own blog in prison, although he hasn’t updated it since August, and Henry is serving three years in federal prison for being “the ruthless money guy in a cocaine trafficking ring.” … Finally, happy 28th birthday to swimming hottie Amanda Beard. She has won seven medals over three Olympiads (including three golds), has appeared in Sports Illustrated, FHM, has made several TV appearances as a sports correspondent, and even got naked for Playboy and a PETA ad. Pretty decent. … Expect to see more nuggets of decency injected into The Community’s Facebook group. Stay tuned.


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