More Cottage Cheese Please!

Chocolate Flavored Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the most healthy snacks around. Why don’t women produce more of it? And why do some people find it so repulsive? There are probably starving kids in Africa who would give one of their eyeballs to wolf down some helpings of cottage cheese.

Mention cottage cheese around ladies and they’ll start fuming. When did cottage cheese become so taboo? Do people all of sudden hate things that are high in protein? Does its chunkiness turn people off? I would think just the opposite!

Decent Community would like reverse this “off limits” classification of cottage cheese and turn it into “very on limits.” As in, let’s talk about cottage cheese like we talk about any other food. Let us devour everything cottage cheese, because each little lump of that shit is like fruit on a tree — sprouting from womens’ buttocks and thighs, sliding into our yearning mouths, and roosting in our grateful stomachs.


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