Decent Site of the Week: Badass of the Week

In a similar vein as Decent Community’s Decent Bastard of the Week, but a bit more hardcore/serious, Badass of the Week offers a “relentless onslaught of badassitude [that] is guaranteed to get you so pumped up that you will want to quit your crappy job, smash your office desk into splinters with your forehead and start a new career as a professional face-wrecker.”

Well written, and featuring dudes such as Darth Vader, Ivan Drago, Steve Irwin, Evel Knievel, Predator, and Zeus, Badass of the Week exists to “satisfy your insatiable desire to read about grown people punching each other in the mouth or beating each other about the head and neck in a most furious manner.” Check it out. It’s a solid, fun, and usually interesting read.


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