How Chinese Women Give Their Men Boners

Greeting from The Land of The Rising Sun. That’s right, Fugaze is live here in Shanghai, China as a special judge at the International Lingerie Trade Show. I’ve been eating a lot of fried wontons and seeing a lot of fancy Chinese underwear, and let me tell you, Chinese women have some interesting ways of giving their men stiffys.

First, I’d like to thank the International Lingerie Federation for inviting me to be a special judge. “Dear Fugaze, we in China can’t get enough of Decent Community and would like to extend you an invitation to judge our annual competition based on your knowledge and interest in fine lingerie.” The letter, and the complimentary steak-on-a-stick waiting for me on th private jet were major selling points for my jaunt to Asia for a week.

Anyway, here are the sights from the show. Compliments to Associated Press photographer Eugene Hoshiko, who traded me his camera for a plate of boneless spare ribs so I could take these decent photos.

This hat really made the men in the audience ooh and aah.

Chinese women use the big fluffy brushes on their guy's ... well you can figure that out for yourself.

Black is by far the in color this year for fashion lingerie.

The after party? These ladies, me and a bunch of duck sauce.


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  1. i really like your writing style

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