Thursday Ramblings

October 15th carries much historical significance in terms of sporting events. On this day in 1981, Krazy George Henderson invented the very decent wave. That’s right, next time your at a ballgame and people start doing the wave, think of Krazy George (Yes, it’s his real name). It all started in Oakland as the A’s hosted the Yankees in the American Championship Series. Krazy George, who was working for the A’s at the time as a professional cheerleader, got the crowd all fired up and introduced them, en masse, to his new idea. He says he got the idea while working for the Edmonton Oilers during a failed attempt to get one side of the arena to stand and get rowdy and have the other sit and watch, then vice versa. Seeing the delayed reaction, he broke it out at the A’s game, which was packed with rowdy fans, and as the crowd realized what he was trying to do, they bought into the idea and the wave was born. Did you know that Krazy George was actually paid for years to be a professional cheerleaders? He’s worked for the Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings and the Colorado Avalanche, among other pro teams. … I caught one of those CNBC specials on Wal-Mart a few nights ago. One of the most interesting interviews was with some Mexican guy, who after achieving big success as store manager at a few Mexican branches, was promoted to some regional executive position in the states. His first suggestion when sitting on a committee on redesigning American stores? Take high-volume sellers (milk) and move them tot he back of the store, but visible from the entrance, and make customers pass by all sorts of crap on their way for a gallon. Maybe this is the first guy in the entire Wal-Mart operation who has ever been to a grocery store? C’mon, supermarkets have been using this strategy forever. Not very Wal-Mart-like to be behind the curve. Did you know that Chinese Wal-Marts sell luxury items, like $2,000 bottles of wine and fancy live fish, like they’re going out of style? … Three links for your enjoyment this Thursday: 1) For $1.5 million, you can buy a really awesome Russian SUV with “whale penis interior,” 2) People irate over midget racing at horsetracks. Yes, midgets ride normal-sized dudes and act like jockeys (video included), and 3) Some guy looks at some of the more questionable sex tips Cosmo magazine has recommended to its readers, the kind that will end up with a guy in the hospital. …  I don’t have an iPhone, but the idea of a radio app that will being radio stations right to your phone might be a selling point. … Notre Dame will have its hands full with USC on Saturday. The Trojans have outscored the Fighting Irish 76-3 in the past two seasons. … Happy 50th birthday to Fall River native Emeril Lagasse. Did you know Emeril, an alumnus of Diman Regional Vocational High School who has provided recipes for NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station, was offered a college scholarship for his music talents but chose to follow culinary arts at Johnson & Whales in Providence instead? … I bet Hong Kong singer/actress Stephy Tang is happy to celebrate her 26th birthday today. Why? She was the first person in Hong Kong to get H1N1/swine flu.


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