Decent Community Wishes Ralph Needs a Speedy Recovery

Ralph Needs had a tough week.

Getting beaten and mugged sucks. Accidentally getting shot sucks, too. But having both happen in one week, well that just blows.

Meet Ralph Needs, a Columbus, Ohio, resident who suffered those horrible fates in the end of September.

On Sept. 20, Needs was sitting in his home watching some TV when three intruders broke in, tied the 80-year-old man up and stole some cash, his computer, his pickup truck and some credit cards. Before leaving, the three d-bags pistol-whipped him, breaking his nose.

Four days later, his son urged him to take a self-defense, gun-owner class to protect himself against future attacks. During the first five minutes of class, his son accidently shot him in the hand while loading the gun.

From all of us here at Decent Community, get well soon Mr. Needs. And remember, tomorrow’s another day.


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