Thursday Ramblings

folded fauna

It's not real ... it's Origami

Happy 39th birthday to Walt Disney World in Florida, quite a decent place. Did you know that the Magic Kingdom alone employs 66,000 people with a payroll of more than $1.2 billion, and the entire Disney complex of 25,000 acres is almost the size of San Francisco?. I don’t care how, but every kid should have a chance to go to Disney World when they’re little. … With all the talk and discussion of health care reform, corporate bailouts and other forms of government spending, I’ve been thinking a lot about NASA. I don’t know if it’s worth about $20 billion taxpayer dollars a year for space research. Anyway, two things NASA is working on with your cash: Mankind returning to the moon by 2018 with an operational moon base by 2024, and putting a man on Mars by 2037. … Attention ladies: Don’t get in bed with those blonde-haired German guy with the blue eyes — they have terrible body odor. German men were rated the worst at doing the nasty in a recent poll by a research Web site that interviewed women from 20 countries. American men were rated the fifth worst with many women claiming Americans are “too rough.” The best lovers? Spain and Brazil. Thankfully ladies, Helmet Head, Tubesteak and I are all half Spanish, half Brazilian, but apologies to Community member Houser, who heads DC’s German bureau. …  The race is on between Eric Mangini and Jim Zorn to join the “First NFL Coach Fired Club.” When is Mangini going to learn that the hard-ass approach doesn’t work with overpaid athletes? What a mess in Cleveland. A Sports Illustrated scribe thinks Mangini was the worst NFL coaching hire of all time.  … Football trivia: Who was the first team in NFL history to use the shotgun for more than 50 percent of its offensive snaps? Answer below. … Have a salad or a bag of carrot sticks today because it’s World Vegetarian Day. Congrats to all non-meat-eating folks out there, and yes, the taste of a decent steak or an awesome burger is worth the change of heart. … Three links for your enjoyment today: 1) Dude sent to jail for pretending to screw a gumball machine; 2) A look at a guy who is easily the most badass origami artist of all time; and 3) Vermont lady busted for sending donkey porn pics to a 13-year-old relative. … Happy 59th birthday to Cousin Eddie himself, Randy Quaid. Did you know that Quaid was banned for life by the American Actors’ Association, a labor union that represents stage actors, after all 26 members of the cast of a play he was directing claimed he “physically and emotionally” abused them? … Trivia answer: The 2007 Pats, of course. Think teams should use the shotgun more often?


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