For the Ladies: Sights from Italian Fashion Show

A creation part of the Anteprima Sping/Summer 2010 Collection is seen on a reflective runway.

It’s one of the most common pieces of feedback we get here at Decent Community: “Everything you post is geared to men. How about us ladies!?” Well, ladies, you have spoken and we have listened. Enjoy this pictorial from a recent high-end fashion show in Italy featuring the latest in shoes, dresses and fashion. Compliments to photographer Antonio Calanni.

A unique piece in the Mila Schon Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

A model cruises down the runway wearing something from Lublu K. Plastinina's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

Fancy fashion wears from Schon's Collection.

As a makeup gift to win his girlfriend back after heaving her for a horse-man, Helmet Head has reserved one of these bags from Anteprima's Collection.

A model shows off some ruffles in Plastinina's Collection.

She's a model? Plastinina's Collection contains this?

Maybe Helmet Head should have gotten this necklace from Plastinina.

You don't see too many ladies wearing pieces like this in Boston from Schon's Collection.


They may be models, but they’re not perfect. One of them falls on the catwalk on her way in. This she drowned her sorrows in a box of chocolate ice cream and got fired for gaining a few pounds?

Like or hate the latest fashions? Leave a comment, and we’ll pass them along to the Italian Fashion Bureau.


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