In Praise of the Eephus Pitch

Aside from having the best name of any pitch in the hurling catalogue, the eephus is an assertion of exotic character and thought process. It’s a demonstrative stance of fearlessness and a statement of a uniquely inventive nature. More to the point — the eephus is a seriously bad-ass pitch — and a most genuine expression of decency.

The eephus, of course, carries a great deal of risk when thrown. Leaving the pitcher exposed like nothing else in the repertoire, one must possess extreme confidence to let an eephus fly. In the cat and mouse confrontation between every pitcher and batter, the eephus is the boldest mouse-like maneuver — a courageous “fuck you, check out my balls” declaration.

The fact that nobody throws the pitch speaks to its uniqueness. Whether it’s a lack of creative intuition or failure to acknowledge alternative styles, the non-eephus thrower is a dull conformist who will always lack a fully developed cache of substance. The eephus thrower, on the other hand, will draw marvel and respect for satisfying an intense desire to explore and put the interesting into action.


One Response

  1. ahahah, there is nothing more exciting in all of sports than the eephus! “OH MY GOD THERE’S THE EEPHUS PITCH!” ahahah.

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