Interview with Dave Coulier

Best known as Joseph “Joey” Gladstone (or Uncle Joey) on Full House, comic Dave Coulier is currently voicing the role of Bob McKenzie on the Canadian animated series Bob & Doug (same Bob and Doug of Strange Brew fame). A master of impersonation and voice distortion, Mr Coulier was decent enough to lend us his time to rap about hockey, celebs, Francopehlia, and beef on his car ride to the deli.

DC: Hey Mr. Coulier. Thanks for granting us an interview.

DAVE: Not a problem. What are you guys again? Decent Community? Not to be rude, but what is that?

DC: We write about things that are decent. Kind of our own idea of what is cool and decent. Stuff like that.

DAVE: OK. I’m driving to the deli right now. What do you wanna talk about?

DC: Whatever, really. What are you picking up at the deli?

DAVE: Probably some pastrami. Roast beef. Cheese. Maybe salami. Who knows… I don’t even eat the shit. I just like to make shapes out of the meat.

DC: Huh? Shapes out of the meat?

DAVE: Yeah, just make my own designs. Sliced meat sculptures and meat statues…

DC: Cool, man! Is Coulier a French name?

DAVE: Ha. I get that a lot. I’m half Canadian. My mother’s from New Brunswick so everyone assumes I’m French-Canadian. Not the case at all. (in a deep-voiced french impersonation) But I can be a stinky Frenchman if you want me to. And talk like this…

DC: Yeah, I kind of like that voice if you don’t mind.

DAVE: (In a deep-voiced french impersonation) I am Claude! Do you like to party? Well, doooo you? I am having a hockey party at my chateau to watch le Stanley Coup. Ooh la la!

DC: Keep going Coulier! I love it!

DAVE: No, that’s enough. You ruined it.

DC: What do you mean I ruined it? No more?

DAVE: Sorry. You ruined it.

DC: Alright then. Question for you: What’s the best part of being on one of the most legendary sitcoms of all-time?

DAVE: No Full House questions. Wanna hear about my new show?

DC: Sure.

DAVE: Nope. You ruined it again.

DC: OK. Sorry. I’m not sure how I ruined it, but…ah…

DAVE: Did you research me before this interview?

DC: We did a brief kind of background check. We mostly know you from Full House. We also know you’re a celebrity hockey player.

DAVE: Ah, you have done a little homework. Decent (sarcastic voice).

DC: Who is the best celebrity hockey player you’ve played with?

DAVE: It’d have to be a tie between Alan Thicke and Jason Priestly.

DC: Sweet! Those our two of our Community’s favorite people!

DAVE: I have to go. I’m pulling into the deli.

DC: Thanks for your time Mr. Coulier.

DAVE: (click.)


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