To Call Back or Not To Call Back

Decent Community members are f’ing popular, and with great popularity comes a great amount of missed phone calls. At times, we’ll receive up to 7 missed calls in one phone glance — and much of the time people don’t leave a message. Therein lies a puzzler: Is it common decency to call someone back if they don’t leave a message?

There is always a reason someone makes a call, but if no message is left it can’t be that important, right? Or is simply receiving the missed call sufficient justification for an automatic call back? Are you a dick if you don’t call them back? Or should you text them something saying, “Is it worth calling you back? I can’t tell because you didn’t leave a message or even a text.”

Of course it depends on who’s calling you — but let’s just say it’s a regular friend of yours. Does it depend on how you’re feeling? Maybe someone is calling you to go out for drinks and you don’t feel like going out (weird, but not impossible). What is the generally accepted etiquette?

Perhaps we can leave this to Community members. Can we get a proper procedure here? What is the decent approach? Please take a second to vote below and feel free to leave advice in our comments section.


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