Patriots Preview: The Predictions Are In

The predictions are in and most Decent Community members see much success for the Pats: I’m saying 12-4 while both Tubesteak and Helmet Headsay 16-0! In fact, in an informal poll of local football brainiacs from Decent Community, the Pats averaged 13.3 wins. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Houser (12-4) — “PATS make the AFC Championship game. This season comes down to defense. Will the defense be able to keep teams under 17 points a game. If so, we win a high percentage of games.”

Noozle (13-3) — “Scott Dragos returns to the Gridiron to play fullback this season and proceeds to play an integral part in a Super Bowl bound team.”

Gnarls (14-2) — “Liljedahl trains with his neighbor Dragos and throws the winning touchdown to J. Fig.”

Monsieur Stan (15-1) — “The one loss coming on an intentional safety taken by the Pats as a gesture of goodwill to Josh McDaniels and the Broncos. That victory over the Pats secures McDaniels’ job in Denver for the foreseeable future.”

McRocha (15-1) — “The one loss coming to Peter Griffin and the London Silly Nannies after Parliament changes the rules of NFL football on English soil to closer resemble cricket. Pats lose in overtime.”

Jonny Square Car (11-5) — “Sorry, Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Bill Belichick are only as good as they once were, but hopefully will be good once as they ever were.”

Predictions are also in from local and national sports writers and experts. Most of them also see lots of success in Foxboro this year:

Peter King (Sports Illustrated): Patriots over the Bears in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady wins NFL MVP.

Jonathan Comey (New Bedford Standard-Times): Pats go 13-3, beat the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl. Brady wins MVP.

John Clayton (ESPN):Pats win AFC East but fall to Pittsburgh in playoffs. Steelers go on to beat Giants in Super Bowl. Five out of ESPN’s 16 football gurus picked the Pats to go all the way.

Bill Simmons ( Pats go 12-4 but lose the AFC Championship game to Pittsburgh, who loses the Super Bowl to Green Bay. “The Patriots will become the first NFL team to crack 900-plus combined points for and against in one season. I have one word for this Pats season: Over,” the Sports Guy said.

Tom Curran (NBC Sports): Pats beat the Giants to win their 4th Super Bowl in the last nine years.

Clifton Brown (The Sporting News): Pats over the Giants in the Super Bowl. Only two Sporting News experts picked the Pats to make it to the big one, including Dennis Dillon, who has the G-Men downing the P-Men.

Mike Reiss (The Boston Globe, Pats go 12-4 but fail to make it to the Super Bowl. Ravens beat Giants to win the title.

Dan Shaughnessy (The Boston Globe): Pats go 12-4 but lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl. “Triggering months of excuses from Kraft’s expanding media empire.”

USA Today: Three of the USA Today’s eight football minds pick the Pats to go all the way, while one of them has the P-Men losing the big one to the Saints. Only one of them has Bill Belichick winning Coach of the Year and only two have tom Brady winning MVP honors.

Check back later this afternoon for the conclusion of Patriots Preview Week with the debut of Decent Community’s football picks.


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