Notorious Drug Abusing Puppets

A look back at some of the addict puppets we grew up with:

The Swedish Chef: Dude was absolutely nuts in the kitchen, slurring his speech, throwing ingredients this way and that. He’s cooked a real moose instead of chocolate moose, shot vegetables with a shotgun, hit meatballs with a tennis racquet, and played basketball with a live chicken. The Swedish Chef was an abuser of psychedelic mushrooms and an occasional user of mescaline.






Snuflleupagus: Old friend “Snuffy” put his gigantic shnoz to good use, sniffing paint and glue as no pseudo Woolly Mammoth should. The hapless scapegoat of Big Bird could barely walk, talked slower than a retard from back country Georgia, and had his ears disintegrated due to inhalation of about 1 billion chemicals.



Janice: The lead guitar player in Electric Mayhem, Janice emitted a vibe that was half Joni Mitchell, half Depeche Mode. She was a grass fiend who also dabbled in cocaine — yet she still managed to maintain strong technical abilities when letting loose on her axe.

Beaker: An obvious acid fiend (just look at the guy), our freak scientist has been shrunk, cloned, deflated, turned invisible, and blown up, but he always comes back for more LSD. When Beaker was high on doses, all he could say was “mee, mee, mee,” which basically meant “You better whip up some more acid Dr. Honeydew.”



Animal: His unbelievably powerful and fast foot could be attributed to 20 shots of vodka before every set. Animal’s serious heroin habit and addiction to anxiety pills proved to be an altogether potent cocktail. He was straight up maniacal when it came to jamming and ingesting drugs, and his demented demeanor eventually permeated all aspects of Animal’s frenzied existence.

Zoot: Cool cat Zoot (what a chill name!) is an aging burnout who digs his jazz, his drugs, and not much else. With a hairdo to kill for, Zoot zones out playing extended sax jams while high on just about anything he can score. He’s been hooked on herb, smack, and malt liquor — all of which enabled him to enter a self described “performance mode.”



Dr. Teeth: A George Clinton/Dr. John-ish leader of Electric Mayhem, Dr. Teeth is a social user of drugs. Problem for him, he’s the most social dude around! Sporting a huge grin and a perpetual finger point, Dr. Teeth can party with the most hard-core puppets due to his absurd tolerance for dope of all sorts.

Boober: This Fraggle Rock stoner got high to the point of depression, where all he would do is wash socks (despite the fact that no fraggles wore socks). He’s negative, nervous, and a consumate loner. Kind of an EMO-type addict, Boober was said to go through two ounces of weed per week, occasionally shoot up, and never show his eyes.


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