Phish Ticket Giveaway Winner!

Phish Ticket

Jake Dog receiving the ticket from the Decent Community brass.

Congratulations to Jacob Alexander, the winner of our Phish Ticket Giveaway! Jake was able to get 19 different people to e-mail us pictures for Decent Collage, making him the winner of a free Lawn Seat to see Phish on Saturday at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Mass. Steve Sicalri made a late push but finished second with 11 different people to send us pics. Wrapping up the contest was Matildalee with five different peeps. Thanks to all who entered.

So Jake, get ready to rock! Touch base with us so we can get you that free ticket. 

Thanks to all who entered. Look for the guys wearing the Decent Community t-shirts on Saturday and come say hi or waaaaaazzzzahhhh!

Don’t bother looking for Jeff Dunham at the show, however. Who’s Jeff Dunham? He’s an overweight, 43-year-old virgin who lives with his parents and plays World of Warcraft all weekend. He’s also the guy who kept tagging out posts for the concert as Spam on Craigslist. E-mail him at and tell him how much of a cocksmoker he is!


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  1. […] First, Tubesteak spills all his cybersleeves and other sex toys all over I-95 on his way to Georgia, then Helmet Head starts having sex with animals. What is going on with my brothers in decency? Helmet, I am ordering you at once to dump that horse thing because, as you remember, the winner of our Decent Football Picks gets to have a threesum with the others’ ladies, and I didn’t sign up to start nailing horses. If I wanted to have sex with animals, I’d go hang out with Jeff Dunham. […]

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