Varitek boning NESN hottie

Watney on the prowl.

(Updated 9/21/09: Fight breaks out in Red Sox lockeroom
as Heidi Watney leaves Jason Varitek for Nick Green

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Jason Varitek on Friday morning confirmed the rumor that has been floating around for months now; he is banging NESN hottie Heidi Watney.

“I normally don’t like discussing my private life, but it’s been speculated so much I just wanted to clear the air; I’m plowing Heidi Watney,” Varitek told reporters before Boston’s Friday morning workout in Fort Myers. “We’re very happy together. We screw like wild animals several times a day.”

Varitek, 37, who divorced wife of 11 years Karen Varitek last summer, declined to comment further on the situation. Red Sox teammates, however, offered several juicy details of the couple’s adventures.

Karen Varitek, in the gray shirt, before a Sox game with Tiffany Ortiz (yellow), Stacy Wakefield (black) and Kristin Mirabelli (white).

“On a flight to Seattle last year, he was pounding her in the bathroom,” said one teammate, who asked to remain anonymous because he didn’t want to disrupt the atmosphere in the clubhouse. “She was screaming ‘Fuck me Tek!’ Everyone was cracking up. Eventually Tito went to tell them to knock it off.”

Watney, 27,  joined NESN in the beginning of the 2008 season, eventually becoming the station’s official Red Sox Reporter, covering in-game news and conducting post-game interviews for every NESN game. She is a former model who was named Miss San Diego before finishing third in the 2002 Miss California Pageant.

Watney in her modeling days in San Diego.

Watney declined to comment on the situation, a NESN media relations official said. Several reporters see her arrive and leave the Red Sox Spring Training facility with Varitek daily. A manager at the Fort Myers Mariott said it had a listing for “Varitek” with two occupants, but decliend to mention specific information citing customer privacy agreements.

Another Red Sox teammate, who also asked to remain anonymous, said he wasn’t surprised when Varitek and Watney started banging.

“That’s our Captain,” the player said about Varitek, who was named team captain after signing a $40 million contract in 2005. “He’s the leader of our team in the locker room and on the field, but he’s also the leader in terms of banging chicks on road trips. That guy gets more ass than a bathroom at Taco Bell.”


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  1. […] dumped Varitek recently, more than a year after Varitek left his wife for Watney and months after he announced he and Watney’s relationship to the press. Watney, sources say, is now banging Green. The Boston Herald caught the pair making out at […]

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