Thursday Ramblings

Glad to see Michael Phelps is going to endorse legalizing cheeba.  Please tell me he only smokes dank. … Imagine Larry Bird and Ray Allen going head-to-head in a mega 3-point contest? Shoot from your side then sprint over to the other. I might regret this, but I’ll put 10 bucks on Allen … Speaking of the NBA, why doesn’t the league use the red, white and blue Moneyball during the All-Star game? … Most pornos end with a dude unloading all over a chick’s face. Has this EVER really happened in real life? … Dear Sonic: Stop showing me commercials for good grizzle when your closest location is 210 miles away in Watertown, N.J. … Soccer toughguy David Beckham (wife Victoria, above, is a total milf) wants out of Los Angeles. Does anyone really give a crap about soccer? … The Real World Brooklyn is all over MTV right now. Classic reality show: hot chicks, bitchy drama queens, no-sleeves-wearing toughguys, a gay dude and some kind of transgender-festite-thing-i-dont-know-or-understand … Jack McCoy on Law & Order recently beat out Matlock and that Jewish guy from Picket Fences in a Decent Community badass TV lawyer poll. … Thursday is Patriots running back Laurence Maroney’s 24th birthday. Maybe he’ll show up and play this year … The proposed tax break on buying a new car in President Obama’s stimulus plan is a Decent idea. More people buying cars, more car salesmen having jobs, more car companies advertising, cities/towns collecting more excise taxes … From the rumor mill: Phish releasing a new studio album; Pats are going to make a run at Chiefs RB Larry Johnson; Two companies are fighting over the rights to a Lindsay LohanSamantha Ronson sex tape … Decent Collage is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out, your missing out on some great stuff.


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