Cat Stevens to Make UFC Debut in Two Months

USA TODAY: DUBAI – Chilled out generational icon Cat Stevens (AKA Yusuf Islam) retired his mellow style today by revealing his intentions to explore a career in mixed martial arts (MMA). In a press conference with UFC frontman Dana White, the Cat threw his followers a curveball by announcing a fight against welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre slated for March 26th in Dubai.

This bewildering move calls to mind Brother Cat’s abrupt departure from musical fame in 1979, when, at the pinnacle of his popularity, Stevens dropped everything to pursue a life devoted to Islam.

“I can’t keep it in. I can’t keep it in. I’ve gotta let it out,” lamented Cat when asked to explain his latest foray. “Look at me,” he went on, “I am old but I’m happy.”

Cat’s frailty would suggest he has zero chance of beating St. Pierre, who is considered by some to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world. In fact, Stevens has “never fought a soul in his life,” saying that “soothing folk jams pretty much extinguished any hostile situations in the past.”

While most are questioning Brother Cat’s sanity, others see his venture into the octagon as just another stroke of artistic brilliance. Inspiring or not, the next two months are sure to provide some bizarre fodder for the legions of Cat lovers who will try to make sense of his latest transformation.


One Response

  1. If Yusuf Islam brings the same passion and awareness into the octagon as he did when he was Cat Stevens the songwriter, I’m pretty confident he can pull off the upset.

    Is this gonna be on pay per view? I can’t find any more info on it.

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