Decent chat with a Decent dude


We ventured down to Washington for the historic inauguration and ran into the man himself: Barack Obama. He asked us if we had a lighter (maybe the jibba we were smoking tipped him off) and chatted with us for a few minutes while puffing a ciggie

DC: So what is the most decent thing you want to accomplish in office?

PREZ: Well first off we have to fix the economy. We have to get the American people back to work so they can spend money at nudy clubs.

DC: Are you taking any measures to make higher education more affordable?

PREZ: That’s an excellent question. College is too expensive and more highly intelligent and skilled young people are not attending because of the cost. Every young man in our great country should have the opportunity to go to college, get drunk and get laid.

DC: Speaking of getting laid, does stem-cell research have any benefits between the sheets?

PREZ: Stem-cell research can unlock limitless possibilities in terms of keeping Americans healthy. It holds the key to eliminating STDs so everyone can go to pound town without using rubbers.

DC: Good to know. Say, this is a big moment in world history and it seems all the most important people in the country are here in Washington for your shindig. Aren’t you a little concerned about a terrorist attack?

PREZ: Protecting the lives of Americans is my No. 1 concern, that’s why I’ve hired Jack Bauer, Obi Wan Kenobi, The A-Team and Lawrence Taylor to head security for the day.

With that, Obama thanked us for the torch and headed on his way to becoming the 44th President of the United States of America.



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