Eight Things You Didn’t Know About New England



things to do this weekend – new bedford

hammer posted this as a comment on his page.  however, i think it’s important information and considering he is having trouble posting it to the front page i have taken the liberty to do it for him:

  • “There is an immigration raid in the S. End, that I got front row tix to for Friday night.
  • Bull riding @ Libads all weekend.” – Hammer

trey anastasio jailed

after getting busted with pain killers the former phish lead singer was ordered to participate in a drug treatment program – he missed a session and spent a couple days in the clink.  http://www.boston.com/ae/celebrity/articles/2008/01/24/anastasio_jailed_for_missing_session/

dare i say trey is washed up?  at least get busted with something more respectable, like lsd…